kerberos simulation

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 29 20:44:04 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Nhi" == Nhi Tonnu <ntonnu at> writes:

    Nhi> Hi everyone, I'm a student at University of Guelph. I have a
    Nhi> project that need some data such as the time approximately
    Nhi> for getting ticket-granting-ticket from Authentication Server
    Nhi> or time since client send message to Ticket-Granting Server
    Nhi> asking for ticket to receiving the session key from TGS.

Run network traces your self; there are several trace tools like
Ethereal or Tcpdump or Netmon with reasonable support both for timing
and Kerberos traces.

Write up the methodology as part of your paper; this is part of what
is expected from research.

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