question on KRB5_PRIVATE

Dan Million EllEyeOh at
Tue Jun 8 09:56:31 EDT 2004

I'm trying to build a software package which uses KRB5 calls, and a 
certain C source file includes krb5.h.  The compiler complains about the 
use of a krb5_rcache struct.

When I look in my krb5.h (MIT Kerberos V 1.3.1 on AIX) I see this:

      * begin "rcache.h"

     struct krb5_rc_st;
     typedef struct krb5_rc_st *krb5_rcache;

When I look on a RedHat Linux system with version 1.2.7 installed,
I see something different:

      * begin "rcache.h"

     #if KRB5_PRIVATE
     typedef struct krb5_rc_st {
         krb5_magic magic;
         struct _krb5_rc_ops FAR *ops;
         krb5_pointer data;
     } FAR *krb5_rcache;
     struct krb5_rc_st;
     typedef struct krb5_rc_st FAR *krb5_rcache;

So...what's the deal with the KRB5_PRIVATE stuff?  Do I need to rebuild 
my entire KRB5 for AIX with KRB5_PRIVATE set to 1 in order to get this 
struct defined correctly in krb5.h?



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