Double log messages under RH8

Mike Dopheide dopheide at
Thu Oct 9 15:41:58 EDT 2003

A few months back we migrated our KDC over from HPUX to RedHat Linux 8.0.  
Ever since the migration our krb5 daemons have been writing every message 
to the log twice.

We are using syslog for logging with this entry in krb5.conf:

        default = SYSLOG:INFO:LOCAL6

And this entry in syslog.conf:                                             /var/log/krb5.log

I've only been able to find one reference for another person having a 
similar problem from 6-7-2002, I've included that at the end of my 
message.  Anyone have any ideas?


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Previous post regarding same issue:

From: Leonard J. Peirce (peirce at
Subject: Double log entries for V5 1.2.4 on Solaris 8
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Newsgroups: comp.protocols.kerberos
Date: 2002-06-07 13:04:56 PST

In our kdc and kadmin logs we're seeing exactly two copies of every 
that gets logged.  This has been happening for a while (I think back to 
and while it doesn't really hurt anything it is getting annoying.  Did we 
something wrong when we built/configured things?  This happens both with

BTW, in case anyone is interested we did finally recover from the database
corruption problem that I posted about back in March.  Many thanks to
Ken Raeburn for his helpful advice and patience.

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