krb5-1.3.1 on RedHat 7.1

Pratt, Benjamin E. bepratt at
Wed Oct 8 11:49:05 EDT 2003

Hello everyone -

I'm sorry for jumping right on the list and asking a question (I usually
try not to do that) but I'm having a problem with Kerberos on a RedHat
7.1 machine.

We're trying to authenticate against a Windows 2003 Domain Controller
but every time we run 'kinit' against it we get an error: kinit(v5):
"KRB5 error code 52 while getting initial credentials"

We did do a registry hack on the Windows 2003 DC to allow UDP packets of
the same size as allowed on the Win2K DC (not the same by default).  The
authentication works fine against the Win2K DC but we'd like to run
native Windows 2003 DCs so that we can gain some of the benefits.

The biggest stumper for me is that I compiled and installed the same
Kerberos source on a RedHat 9 machine, am using the same /etc/krb5.conf
file, and am using the same 'kinit' logon ID as I'm using on the RedHat
7.1 machine and it works with RedHat 9.  Is there something else in
RedHat 7.1 that I've got to check??  I've got all of the up2date updates
on both machines (although I know they aren't always the same updates).

Thanks for any help,


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