krb5 "Error Code 52" - UDP packet size - TCP fallback uli.schroeder at
Thu Jun 12 04:16:12 EDT 2003

> zuhause at (Uli Schröder) writes:
> ...
> > As usual a new problem came up after that. I cannot compile pam_krb5
> > anymore. Maybe I have to use different linking options.
> Interesting.  What do you need to change?  Does it work okay with a
> different set of linking options?

I couldn't get the pam_krb5 from RedHat compiling so I tried the one from
SourceForge. The latter compiles without any errors messages. "make check" also
doesn't come up with any messages. Still if I activate the module for pam.d,
authentication doesn't work. I get the following messages in my syslog: 

Jun 12 10:03:21 rh9test login: PAM unable to
Jun 12 10:03:21 rh9test login: PAM [dlerror:
/lib/security/../../lib/security/ undefined symbol: krb_mk_in_tkt_preauth]
Jun 12 10:03:21 rh9test login: PAM adding faulty module:


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