krb5 "Error Code 52" - UDP packet size - TCP fallback

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 11 14:21:08 EDT 2003

zuhause at (Uli Schröder) writes:

> I had another kinit in the my path. I wasn't aware of that. I thought I
> had deleted all the old stuff. Now the new kinit workes great. I can use
> kinit with my own account. No more error 52! :)

Good, I'm glad to hear it.

> As usual a new problem came up after that. I cannot compile pam_krb5
> anymore. Maybe I have to use different linking options.

Interesting.  What do you need to change?  Does it work okay with a
different set of linking options?

> Which pam_krb5 package would you recommend? I tried the one shipped with
> RH9. I think the one at sourceforge is a different one. Are there any
> plans to include a pam_krb5 in the distribution. Would be very
> convenient. :-)

Not presently, sorry.  I agree it would be useful, but we're actually
thinking of going the other direction, and reducing the application
support.  (They'd probably still be distributed by someone, just not
as part of the core package.)

> Indeed, I compiled as shared libs. I thought libraries are installed
> when I do "make install"!?

They are, but at least with static linking, you can try the programs
out without having run "make install".  The default is static linking,
and I occasionally forget I configured a tree for shared libraries
when I go to test some changes....


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