No-password SMB mounts

Slav Inger slavinger at
Wed Jun 11 14:20:32 EDT 2003

Slav Inger wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm successfully using pam_krb5 to authenticate to the Win2k server from
> SuSE Linux 8.2.  Now I need to be able to mount a share from that
> server, but without hardcoding the password in a config file.  Is there
> anything out there that can utilize the Kerberos 5 TGT for mounting SMB
> shares?  Thanks in advance.

In case someone will find this useful:

I was able to combine pam_krb5 and pam_mount to create an environment
where from my Linux box I was able to authenticate to the Win2k domain
AND mount my home directory (SMB share) automatically without hardcoding
the password or utilizing any of the Samba config files.

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