Setting up a Kerberos Server on a Windows XP Machine

Al ajstark at
Sun Feb 16 06:06:16 EST 2003

I am new to Kerberos and do not have access to Unix boxes.

I would like to set up a Kerbose Server on my laptop which is running
Windows XP Home.

The MIT documentation is gear to Unix systems. I could not find the same
commands for windows that the documentation talks about for Unix.

Is there a good book that explains what Kerberos is and how to set up the
server on XP?

I want to use Kerberos to authenticate users from my java program.  I want
to tie the Kerberos users to the Windows XP users on my laptop. If there is
no XP account on my laptop the user does not get authenticated.  Eventual I
want to use Java GSS API to authenticate the user.

Thanks in advance


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