USA export help needed

Ben Cox cox-work at
Thu Feb 13 11:05:39 EST 2003


We need to obtain an export license (from the USA) for a server product
that uses the MIT Kerberos 5 libraries (and some interoperable code
derived from those sources) to authenticate incoming client requests
using GSS-API, and to make occasional outgoing Kerberos admin requests
(to manage service principal keys, etc.; we talk to MIT KDC/kadmin
servers and to Microsoft Active Directory servers).  Pretty standard

Looking at the export regulations, it occurs to us that (1) it would
take us a while to answer the questions, but also that (2) since what
we're doing is pretty darn vanilla, there ought to be a multitude of
folks out there who have answered those same questions in pretty much
the same way before, and we might be able to save some time and/or
expense by finding an export regulations expert to assist us in this.

If you are, or can point me to, someone (preferably an attorney) who is
familiar with the post-June-2002 USA export regulations and how they
relate to products that use Kerberos and GSS-API, and is able to provide
that expertise on a contract basis to us, please contact me off-list at
the email address below.

I realize that probably not many attorneys who specialize in crypto
export regulations read this list, but I'm hoping that developers who
know such attorneys, and can point me at them, do.  :)

Thanks in advance,

-- Ben

Ben Cox <cox-work at>

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