Key Managemet bacolod at
Wed Feb 12 14:42:38 EST 2003

So the service key does not support data encryption during a Kerberized ( telnet -x ) session?


On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:09:25 -0800 Marcus Watts <mdw at> wrote:
>bacolod at writes:
>> ATM switch is a Kerberos client
>> ATM switch secret key needs to be updated
>> The "most practical" way to update the secret key on the ATM switch 
>is to log onto it via Kerberized (w/ data encryption on) telnet 
>(ssh not available) and perform the ATM switch "Get secret key" 
>function which uses either FTP or HTTP (scp not available) (I'm 
>hoping Kerberized FTP is available).
>> My question is, what happens to the established Kerberized telnet 
>session when the ATM switch sectret key is updated?
>> Out of band management would be nice but it isnt very practical 
>in this particular application.
>Nothing happens.  The service key is only used when the connection 
>initially made.

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