How do you find out what version of kerberos you have installed.

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Tue Feb 4 17:35:39 EST 2003

OpenVMS Kerberos has a DCL command line interface in addition to the UNIX-style client
command lines.  We added a version switch to the Kerberos DCL command for just this
reason.  Here's what it outputs:

	Kerberos for OpenVMS Version T2.0
	(Based on MIT KRB5 Version 1.2.6)

For Kerberos vendors, having both the MIT version and the vendor version is important,
and we'd want to add the vendor version even if the client programs could output the
MIT version that they're based on in the future.

It seems like overkill to have all the various clients output a version string.
Having one centralized place to determine version seems like a cleaner way to
handle this issue.  If I had to choose, I'd say klist is probably the best place
in the MIT code to output the version.

	Wayne Morrison
	Project Leader,
	Kerberos for OpenVMS

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>>>>> "Rich" == Rich  <rich_cardwell at> writes:

Rich> Hopefully someone on here can help me out, I have recently seen the
Rich> security alert for Kerberos 1.2.4 and below, and I would like to check
Rich> to see what version we have installed at our site.

It is not easy to determine the version for current releases of MIT
krb5.  We probably will add a command line option to some of the
clients to print a library version string.  For now, you may do:

strings | grep BRAND

using the appropriate pathname for your installed krb5 library.

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