kerberos 1.3.1 compile failure on Mac OS X Server 10.2.6

Kevin charl016 at
Fri Aug 29 20:02:18 EDT 2003

I am trying to compile a Kerberos service on Mac OS X 10.2.6.

I stopped trying to compile Kerberos  1.3.1 due to:

"Note that a stock krb5-1.3 build will not be able to share
credentials with the Kerberos that ships with Mac OS X (KfM) because
it does not support the in-memory credentials cache used by the Mac
and Windows MIT Kerberos releases."

My questions are:

A) Which version of krb5 will I need to support the in-memory 
credentials cache?
B) Where can I get this source or binaries? (If for example I need 
version 1.2.6)
C) Will this version compile on Mac OS X 10.2.6 or do I need the server 
version of the OS?

Kevin Charles
charl016 at

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