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Mon Aug 18 13:51:55 EDT 2003

CJ Keist wrote:
> Hello,
>       Reading the docs on cross realm authentication is making me go
> crossed eyed ;).  I'll try my best to explain what it is I'm wanting to
> do with cross realm authentication.
> We have two realms 1) COLOSTATE.EDU and 2) ENGR.COLOSTATE.EDU (my
> realm).  The top realm is going to house just user principals with
> passwords, and my realm will house just my host principals.  So what I
> want to happen is when a user tries to login to one of my workstations
> it will go to my KDC, 

The user should login as user at COLORADO.EDU, then the client will
contact the COLORADO.EDU realm directly. Later when trying to get
a host ticket the lib will get the crossrealm TGT then the service ticket.

> my KDC will say I don't know this user so will
> pass it on to COLOSTATE.EDU KDC server. 

This would be a referral, which W2K supports, but not nessesarily 
any other the Kerberos code yet.  

> The COLOSTATE.EDU KDC will say
> yes I know this user and then pass the authentication on down to my KDC

It would return a krbtgt/COLOSTATE.EDU at COLOSTATE.EDU

Then later the client would use the above tgt to get a tgt for:

Then use this to get the :


> and then on to the client so the user will be able to login.
> Reason I have to do this is that the Network guys for CSU don't want me
> to login to their KDC server, and they don't want to enter in all my
> host principals.  So we're trying to find a work around.
> Here is what my krb5.conf file looks like:
> # krb5.conf template
> #
> [libdefaults]
>          default_realm = ENGR.COLOSTATE.EDU
> [realms]
>          ENGR.COLOSTATE.EDU = {
>                  kdc =
>                  admin_server =
>          }
>          COLOSTATE.EDU = {
>                  kdc = kdc1.KERBEROS.ColoState.EDU:88
>                  admin_server = kdc1.KERBEROS.ColoState.EDU:749
>                  default_domain =
>          }
> [capaths]
>          ENGR.COLOSTATE.EDU = {
>                  COLOSTATE.EDU = .
>          }

You really don't need the [capaths] as the default is to walk the 
realms, and  ENGR.COLOSTATE.EDU would be next to COLOSTATE.EDU

If you do have the [capaths] you should have both directions but
that should not be a problem. 

The [capaths] was added to allow not obvious paths, like 
> [domain_realm]
>   Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?
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