Windwos client sorftware

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Sun Aug 17 14:52:52 EDT 2003

>>>>> "Fernando" == Fernando Casas Arias <fercasas at> writes:

    Fernando> I wish that the Windows clients also use the Kerberos
    Fernando> software client for the authentication of cell users.

    Fernando> Can you help in the attainment of the Kerberos software
    Fernando> client us for Windows?

    Fernando> Thanks

MIT does release software for Windows that supports the functionality
you need.  However, MIT's Kerberos releases are currently only
available within the US.

Some third party could evaluate US law, and presumably choose to
export the software if their evaluation lead them to believe doing so
was legal.  People have done so for our source code releases, but no
one has yet done so for the Windows source code or binaries.

So, the software you need is available, but I cannot personally give
you any help in obtaining it.

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