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Matthew Smith matt at forsetti.com
Fri Aug 1 14:18:09 EDT 2003

   What OS support is available for the local proxy?

Tim Alsop wrote:
> Andreas,
> There is support in IE for Kerberos using SSPI and we utilise that if required, however we also have a client/workstation component with our product that acts as a local proxy and therefore intercepts communications between client workstation and web or proxy servers on the network. Since the local proxy is able to access user credentials cache it is able to use GSSAPI to setup a security context with the web/proxy server when it receives a 401 response indicating authentication is required.
> The local proxy approach can therefore support any browser such as IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera etc.
> Cheers, Tim. 
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>>context. The approach our WebAccess product uses and the one 
>>referenced by Jeremy and developed with Heimdal libraries uses 
>>Kerberos and GSSAPI to establish a security context between the 
>>browser and the Web server and hence
> Which type of browser has GSSAPI support? Or do you patch, say, mozilla as well?
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