mit kerberosv5 1.2.7 - kadmin wont connect - please help

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 3 00:00:38 EST 2003

>>>>> "raeburn" == Ken Raeburn <raeburn at MIT.EDU> writes:

raeburn> Yan <ymercier at> writes:

>> Now it works
>> For your information, the problem was that the KDC
>> was listening only on port 88 and not 750, so kinit and
>> kadmind was unable to communicate with it.

raeburn> That should not cause it not to work.  Using port 88 is
raeburn> normal for Kerberos 5, 750 is mainly for backwards
raeburn> compatibility with Kerberos 4.  All the communication should
raeburn> still work fine with only port 88, unless you've got it
raeburn> blocked somehow.

It could be that the client was configured to talk to port 750,
possibly by a bogus /etc/services file entry.


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