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> I'm tring to authenticate the users of my application
> from web with the kerberos set up. I've successfully 
> compiled the from the source code provided in
> I've set up my apache to load the pam module and all
> other related stuff. Now I'm able to authenticate the 
> users with all that I've.
> But with the existing source code for, I'm
> able to authenticate only those users who have a valid
> unix account also apart from having a Kerberos account.
> My application has nothing to do with the unix login,
> so can I go ahead and tailor the source code to my need,
> i.e comment out the portion which looks for the unix login.
> Is there any vulnarability, with this approach or is there
> any better way with which I can overcome this issue ?
> Please let me know your ideas and suggestions.
> With Regards,
> Ganesh.

The most obvious problem I can see that you're going to have is what to
name whatever ticket file you create.  This is going to be a special
problem if you have the ability to authenticate more than one person at
the same time - or if you want to retain tickets for use "later on".
You can probably use ccache=/somewhere/using/%p for the "auth" module
type (and not %u) to get around this, but you'll still have to worry
about what Unix user ends up owning the file later on.

Another problem I think you'll have is mapping kerberos identities to
local identities.  That is what krb5_aname_to_localname does in
fcusack's code, which is affected by [realms]->realm->"auth_to_local"
in krb5.conf.  Possibly you can use this mechanism to map all kerberos
users in a given realm to one local unix user, then always do
krb5_aname_to_localname even for for users in the "default" realm.

			-Marcus Watts
			UM ITCS Umich Systems Group

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