Configuring kerberos on Solaris

Ganesh ganeshv at
Tue Apr 1 11:48:08 EST 2003

I'm tring to authenticate the users of my application
from web with the kerberos set up. I've successfully 
compiled the from the source code provided in
I've set up my apache to load the pam module and all
other related stuff. Now I'm able to authenticate the 
users with all that I've.

But with the existing source code for, I'm
able to authenticate only those users who have a valid
unix account also apart from having a Kerberos account.
My application has nothing to do with the unix login,
so can I go ahead and tailor the source code to my need,
i.e comment out the portion which looks for the unix login.

Is there any vulnarability, with this approach or is there
any better way with which I can overcome this issue ?
Please let me know your ideas and suggestions.

With Regards,

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