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Dear Investor:

Thank you for your interest in T.B.S.P.'s products.

Trader's Access is a Quote Downloading, Charting and MetaStock & ASCII Exporting service. The service includes daily and historical end-of-day quotes for Futures, Future Options, Stocks (US & Canada), Indices/Market Statistics (US & Canada), Stock & Index Opt
ions, and Mutual Funds. Data can be downloaded via an 800 telephone number and/or the internet. Best of all - the Trader's Access Software used to download the quotes is free and the quotes are as little as $21.95 per month (there is a $24.95 one time members
hip fee). For More information go to our web page at or call us at (888) TBSPINC.

The Right Time Study is a Buy/Sell signal trading system designed to take most of the guess work out of trading stocks, indexes, futures, mutual funds, and options. The Right Time Study, developed by I.N. Botnick, is an add-on to the Trader's Access Software.
 Thousands of professional and individual investors have used its Buy/Sell signals since 1985. The Right Time Study is turned on at our corporate office and is active the next time you download quotes. The cost is just $49.95 per month or a one time fee of $5
99.95 (and get a year of quotes free with the one time payment). For More information go to our web page at or call us at (888) TBSPINC.

The Trader's Access Data CD-ROM has 27,767 US stocks, 4,725 Canadian Stocks, 12,428 mutual funds, 779 indexes, and 16,783 futures contracts. The data begins January 2, 1990 and ends at the latest quarter. The cost of the Data CD-ROM is $99.95. We also have a 
yearly subscription plan (CD-ROM's produced quarterly) for just $279.95. The data on the CD-ROM is in ASCII, comma delimited, zipped format. We also have a Stock & Index Option Data CD-Rom for $299.95 and a Futures Options Data CD-Rom for $299.95. For More in
formation go to our web page at or call us at (888) TBSPINC.

Thank You,

I.N. Botnick
T.B.S.P. Inc.

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