renaming principals?

Marcus Watts mdw at
Thu Sep 12 12:21:22 EDT 2002

Sam Hartman <hartmans at> writes:
> It would be sort of neat if someone would propose a design for
> implementing this in kadmin.  It comes up often enough it is clear we
> need a solution, but no one here at MIT is going to get around to it
> anytime soon.

This has come up on the kerberos list before.  I posted diffs
Thu, 02 Aug 2001 01:13:34 -0400 subject "Can we rename a principal yet?"
against these 4 files
that enabled this to work, at least for the regular cases.
Those cases include passwords salted with the principal name,
using the KRB5_KDB_SALTTYPE_SPECIAL trick.

I can certainly post updated diffs if you think that will help;
we currently run an updated variation of these diffs in production
using k5 1.2.5 for UMICH.EDU .

				-Marcus Watts
				UM ITCS Umich Systems Group

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