Problem using pam_krb5 + sshd on Solaris

Josef Kelbler kelbler at
Thu Nov 21 07:21:20 EST 2002

Hi,  Parag,
I appreciate your help.

> I am using gcc3.2 from .

I use the same.

> My system and your system are same - Solaris8
> You have the same versions of krb5 ( krb5-1.2.6 )
> and pam_krb5 as mine. So is ssh ( openssh-3.4pl ).


I set debugging of pam_krb5 and found in log:
  sshd[995]: [ID 843472 auth.debug] pam_krb5: pam_sm_setcred(sshd keladm):
chown(): Not owner

It seems to me:
pam_krb5 successfuly obtains tickets. I know it from KDC log.
It creates the CCache. I suppose it.
Then it changes ownering to uid/guid of target user. I know it from source
And it can not do it.
I don't know why.

Please, can you send me your sshd.conf (May be it is in /etc/ssh or
/usr/local/etc directoty).


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