Help alex at
Tue Nov 19 12:14:16 EST 2002

Penn College HR & Co, you *really* need to  deal with it.

On Sat, 16 Nov 2002, Paras Shah wrote:

> I am a Faculty at Penn College in Pennsylavnia 
> I teach a class on  Network Security CSC 299.
> I need help to set up a lab for the students so they can have a better
> understanding   of Kerberos Authnetication System .
> I have a windows environment .
> I would apprciate your response.
> Paras Shah
> Faculty :School Of Buisness and Computer Technology
> Advance Technology Health Sciences  Centre
> Penn College
> Tele: 570 326 3761 Ext:4540
> Email:pshah at

Surely we want someone who neither knows nor can find out anything about
Kerberos orcomputer security to *gasp* teach it to students?


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