kerberos in IPV6

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Thu Nov 14 14:05:15 EST 2002

I'd say the reference to BSD, implying that it's the canonical source
for these numbers without nailing down a more specific version, is the
error.  And I've suggested that it be removed or changed in

You don't say what version of BSD system you're looking at.  The
NetBSD sources use 24 for AF_INET6, not 22.  A copy of the 4.4BSD-Lite
Release 2 sources I found (June, 1995) has values through 25 assigned,
but no AF_INET6 at all.  And Linux uses 10, so unless you're writing
BSD-only apps, the correlation is useless anyways.

Don't assume that Kerberos address type numbers and UNIX AF_* values
have any relationship.  If you're converting addresses from one form
to another, you'll need a mapping for the address type values.

Sridhar Bandi <bandis at> writes:
> Hi All ,
> As per Kerberos RFC1510 section 8.2.1, the address type need to match
> with the values of BSD standards. So as per BSD, AF_INET6 is 22.
> Whereas as per latest draft
> section 7.1 the addrtype for IPV6 is 24.
> If its different from BSD value 22 then will it have any
> interoperability problems.
> Thanks you all for your inputs
> Regards,
> Bandi
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