Sun SEAM kinit bug

Ben Cox cox-work at
Fri Nov 1 12:29:01 EST 2002

The Sun SEAM version of kinit that ships with Solaris8 has a bug on
multi-homed hosts where it puts only one IP address in the TGT request,
and thus gets TGTs that don't work on the "other" interfaces.

If I use the MIT kinit, everything is cool, because I can either (a) use
"kinit -A" to get an addressless ticket, or (b) not use "-A", and MIT
kinit will get a ticket with the correct (full) list of IP addresses in
it.  (Which I can verify with MIT's klist using "klist -efan".)

I've looked for Solaris patches that update kinit, but either there
aren't any or I'm not clever enough to find them.

Does anyone know of a Solaris patch that fixes kinit to either support
addressless tickets or use the correct IP address list on a multi-homed
host?  (What about a PAM module for Solaris that does the right thing?)

Thanks in advance,

-- Ben

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