kdb5_util with -mkey_convert

Nicolas.Williams@ubsw.com Nicolas.Williams at ubsw.com
Mon Jun 24 11:50:31 EDT 2002

Well, I've used this feature all of one time... And then I
used the other undocumented option (-new_mkey? I forget - look
in the source and try it) to tell kdb5_util where the new
stash file was.

But, given the recent posts on the MIT lists re: the byte order
dependence of the stash files I would venture a guess that that
is your problem. I.e., I suspect that you're trying the key
change on a machine whose arch is very different from the
machine on which the stash file you're using was created.

Beyond this I cannot help you... You would do well to compile
the kdb5_util with -g and post a backtrace though, should you
still get a core dump.



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> To: Williams, Nicolas
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> Subject: kdb5_util with -mkey_convert
> On Tue May 21 10:28:03 2002, Nicolas.Williams at ubsw.com said:
> > Are you using different KDB master keys on the two hosts? 
> That would explain
> > the decrypt integrity check failure message from the KDC. 
> If so then you
> > must change the master key during dumping. There's a couple 
> of undocumented
> > options for this, -mkey_convert and -new_mkey_file <stash filename>.
> Nico,
> I'm about to upgrade my KDC, to new machines and from 1.2.1 
> to 1.2.5, so I
> figured I'd try the above-mentioned undocumented option, to 
> change my master
> db key.  After double-checking the syntax in the source code, 
> I ran the
> following:
>    kdb5_util dump -mkey_convert
> After entering the new db password twice, I got a SEGV fault!
> The database I tried this on was a copy of my production db.  
> I had copied
> the latest slave_datatrans from my 1.2.1 KDC to the 1.2.5 KDC and then
> reloaded it.  In fact, I also dumped and reloaded it again on 
> 1.2.5 (just
> to make sure the new policy dumping works).  Then I tried the 
> dump with
> '-mkey_convert' and got the SEGV.
> (My KDC is running on Solaris 8).
> Has anyone tried the '-mkey_convert' option and gotten it to 
> work?  I have
> no problem with dumps and reloads as long as I don't try to 
> change the db key.
> Thanks.
> Mike
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