Building from source question (krb5 1.2.5) ...

Donn Cave donn at
Fri Jun 21 15:38:14 EDT 2002

Quoth hartmans at (Sam Hartman):
| No.  Kerberos has no TLI support at all.
| Obviously you could write this support since you have the source, but
| that would be significant work.

Our PTX machine went out via the loading dock many years ago, and
I have only vague memories of it.  One is replacing Berkeley socket
API calls with TLI functions to get things to work.  The other is
finding out that the socket version of the application could as
easily have been fixed, and that we didn't seem to really need TLI
for anything.  The socket library is a third party effort that wasn't
as excellent as it would be on a real Berkeley type UNIX, but I don't
remember any problems with applications that do ordinary things and
are written correctly.

I don't remember how much MIT krb5 I got running there.  Some, I'm
pretty sure, but that would have been ca. beta7, and things have
changed a little here and there since then.  The SIOCGIFCONF etc.
stuff in krb5/os/ might be an obvious suspect if nothing works,
for example.  Exotic stuff like this may just need to be avoided,
as you'll notice it already is avoided for non-UNIX platforms.
Will need PTX specific stuff for util/pty (man getpseudotty),
if building an application that uses ptys.

It's some work, but not like rewriting to TLI - and that might
not work anyway, if the actual problem is no better understood
than "sockets are bad"!

	Donn Cave, donn at

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