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Fri Jun 21 11:12:41 EDT 2002

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 jerry at (Jerry Heyman) writes:
>I don't know if this is the right place to ask, so I'll do so (and
>expect corrections).
>I've downloaded the source from MIT and have been able to finagle
>configure to work on almost all the platforms that I need to support
>(building login.krb5 only) - except Sequent Dynix/PTX 4.44 :-(

I've now confirmed that Dynix/PTX has a bad socket() (and friends)
implementation.  All the other software we've written makes use of
TLI instead.

Can Kerberos be built in a TLI only environment?  Is it possible to
inform configure to ignore libsocket on a given platform?  Can the
apps/BSD/login program be compiled without sockets?


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