Sourcing .profile when doing ksu

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 "McClain, Luke" writes:
> When doing a ksu, how do you get it to source the users profile you are
> changing to. When we do it it changes the UID and
> keeps you in the current users home dir with that users profile.

This is nothing fancy but it works.  I and my team use this on our 
FreeBSD and Linux desktop systems.

#!/bin/sh -
case $0 in
*/root)         exec /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/bin/su -;;
*/nroot)        exec /usr/local/krb5/bin/ksu -e /usr/bin/su -;;

However this is a better approach when connecting to a remote system,

	rlogin -x -l root HOSTNAME


	telnet -axl root HOSTNAME

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