Key version number for principal in key table is incorrect

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at
Wed Jun 5 02:58:05 EDT 2002

>>>>> "Donn" == Donn Cave <donn at> writes:

    Donn> [if that's important, you should restate it to mean
    Donn> something - "between tuzjfi" and what, what does "can
    Donn> authenticate" mean.]

Sorry, my fingers slipped :)

    Turbo> | [ Kerberos V5 refuses authentication because telnetd:
    Turbo> krb5_rd_req failed: Key version number for principal in key
    Turbo> table is incorrect ]

    Donn> Do you know how to find out what key versions you're using?

Yes I do, and everything was ok. I later 'remembered' (when I reloaded
the db again) that I was 'recreating' the keytabs! Ie, I did not start
with the keytab on papadoc, and added to that. I created a completly
NEW keytab on rmgztk! Oups. :)

Sorry for the bandwidth...

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