Secure NFS in a Hetrogeneous Environment

Christopher Penney penney at
Tue Jun 4 11:37:17 EDT 2002

Is it possible to use Secure NFS in a hetrogeneous envrionment using
Solaris servers (or another vendor)?  We currently have Solaris,
Linux, IRIX, AIX, and Unicos (Cray) at the moment.  We are running
DCE/DFS, but want to migrate away from it given its end of life
comming soon.

OpenAFS is a possiblity, but we'd rather use NFS at the moment as
support is fairly well defined (the vendor) and we wern't overly happy
with DCE/DFS in the first place.

My main question about Secure NFS is can we setup a Solaris box (or
IRIX or AIX) to be an NFS file server and do Secure NFS to the other
platforms.  It seems Solaris is, by far, the best NFS server in this
regard.  Is that true?


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