Disabling Kerberos 5-to-4 ticket conversion

Love lha at it.su.se
Fri Dec 27 09:39:24 EST 2002

"Matthew X. Economou" <xenophon+usenet at irtnog.org> writes:

>  kinit: converting creds: Cannot contact any KDC for requested realm
> I didn't find anything pertinent in the manual pages for krb5.conf and
> krb5_524_conv_principal (which only told me how to configure the
> conversion settings, not how to deactivate it).  Can anyone tell me
> how to disable ticket conversion?  I'm assuming it's a one-liner in
> /etc/krb5.conf.
> I believe NetBSD uses Heimdal Kerberos, not MIT.

The option in heimdal is

[libdefaults]krb4_get_tickets=yes and is in krb5.conf manpage in


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