Problem with kshell on Solaris

Josef Kelbler kelbler at
Tue Dec 17 10:23:03 EST 2002


I have installed MIT Kerberos on Solaris 7 and 9 (several
Kerberized telnetd and ftpd are working well.

But I have got a problem with kshell. In inetd.conf I have next item:
kshell  stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/kerberos/sbin/kshd -5
(I want the Kerberos authentication only. It is -5).

Against this kshell server I tested several remote kerberized rsh clients
from MIT Kerberos installations.
Clients from another Solaris, RedHat or the same Solaris (with kshell
but with the same abortion.

I used following kerberized rsh command and I obtained:
rsh -x <host> date
-5: Another authentication mechanism must be used to access this host.

I used the "tcpdump host <host>" and it seemed to me that on the level of
packets there was everything OK.
The client contacted the kshell server and also an backup channel was open.
After around 20 packets the session was closed and the rsh client gave this

(On RedHat installations everything is in good order).

Please, can anybody help me?

Josef Kelbler

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