Kerberos error message

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 11 20:34:09 EST 2002

>>>>> "jbarlow" == Jim Barlow <jbarlow at> writes:

jbarlow> Looking in the maillogs I see:

jbarlow> Dec 10 05:42:40 mail popper[13781]: recvauth failed--Permission denied in replay cache code [pop_init.c:332]

jbarlow> But looking at the qpopper4.0.5b1 source we are using I don't
jbarlow> see anything pop out yet.

I haven't looked at qpopper's source... but if the popper can run as
different users, there is the possibility that it is explicitly
setting the replay cache name independently of what UID it's running
as, which might cause this problem.


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