Help with ktutil?

Dan Million lio at
Tue Dec 10 08:14:43 EST 2002

Hello.  Can anyone with experience help me with the creation of keytab
files using ktutil?

Our Kerberos clients use a DCE registry as their KDC, and I normally
create keytabs with the DCE rgy_edit utility.  For non-DCE clients, I
create keytabs on DCE hosts and then copy them to the clients.  When I try
this with Linux (Red Hat 7.3) clients, though, kinit on the client cannot
read the keytab for some reason.  (And before I get 12 questions on this,
no, I do NOT copy the keytab files with ASCII mode ftp.)

It looks like I should be able to create a keytab on the Linux client with
ktutil, but the syntax is beyond me.  The usage message for the add_entry
command says:

  add_entry (-key | -password) -p principal -k kvno -e enctype

I understand principal and kvno, but I have no idea what to enter for

Any advice?  Thanks.


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