kerberos telnetd error

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 4 09:29:50 EST 2002

>>>>> "jbarlow" == Jim Barlow <jbarlow at> writes:

jbarlow> When running telnetd I get the following messages in the syslog file:
jbarlow> telnetd[10802]: ttloop:  peer died: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character

The text following "peer died" isn't terribly useful.  telnetd logs
"peer died" when read() returns a zero length, usually indicating that
the remote side of the connection either reset or closed the
connection.  The value of errno in that case isn't well defined, and
could be any random result, possibly including some errors internal to
the C library that you wouldn't otherwise see.

jbarlow> when connecting to the server.  The client gets the message:

jbarlow> Last login: Tue Dec  3 22:42:58 from client
jbarlow> Connection closed by foreign host.

Hm.  It sounds like the client is also unexpectedly seeing a
connection close.

jbarlow> I have searched the kerberos archives and nothing.  Google
jbarlow> turns up lots of questions about this error, but no answers.
jbarlow> Any light shedding would be grateful.

Have you tried running the client or server with various debug options


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