[galib] saving in a txt file, location of result data and linking GAlib with objective function estimator

Mehdi Asghari mehdiasgh at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 05:11:34 EDT 2015

Hi All GAlib users.

As a new user of GAlib, I have a couple of questions about GAlib code


   The objective function in my problem is evaluated in an individual C++
   program. Therefore I need to link two separated files together (GAlib & an
   objective function evaluator).  I use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS system operation.
   How can I do this operation in Ubuntu environment by bash scripting?

   My program should find minimum of a function similar to example ex23.c.
   However, I don’t know where outputs are saved by this program. For example,
   I want to save output data in a txt file. Does GAlib have some options for
   this task?

   Whenever I compile and run GAlib, a subjected code file (O extension) is
   generated. What is this file? Is this file same as output data? How can I
   open it?

Isn’t any GAlib user to help me?
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