[galib] has anyone compiled GALib using MinGW?

Flávio Grassi flaviograssi.fg at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 21:28:44 EDT 2014

Hi Jeff. How are you?

I was able to successful use GAlib about six months ago, both in MS-Windows
7 and MS-Windows 8 through MinGW (via CodeBlocks IDE though).

Not sure if that's what you're looking for, but anyway, I just installed
the MinGW following the steps described here
and then went through the steps described here

Then I built a static library project with the .c and .h files from the
GAlib itself, and then add the new generated .a library to my project,
which one makes use of the GAlib.

Good luck!

Flávio Grassi / Brazil.

2014-08-06 23:58 GMT-03:00 jhanes <jhanes at knights.ucf.edu>:

>  I used GALib several years ago and wanted to use it on my home
> computer for a school project.  I keep getting a popup window with the
> following error message:
>  ​The procedure entry point libintl_setlocale could not be located in the
> dynamic link library libintl-8.dll.
>  I have tried looking up that error message on stackoverflow and others,
> but have not yet found a workaround.  Has anyone encountered this?  Any
> pointers would be appreciated.
>  Thank you,
> Jeff Hanes
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