[galib] Use GAlib with image treatment

Joaquim Bellmunt_Brest joaquim.bellmuntmontoya at telecom-bretagne.eu
Wed May 23 13:34:16 EDT 2012


I'm extremely new using Genetic algorithm and I need some help.

I'm doing an university project about image processing and i have though use GAlib to processing a greyscale image in a reiterative way.

I have a lot of doubts.

My first thought was how to create multiple genomes from a single treatment ( each treatment has different parameters which need to be changed to create several genomes ) convining them using a matricial image.

After I thought to use each treatment with difference parameters like a node tree, and pass my image through

I don't know which one could be better, and I'm sure there exist a lot possibilities that i haven't taken in account. Anyway i have the same problem to start. I don't know how to create my genomes.

i hope someone can help me to start my project. 



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