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Alonso García agarciaa at teleline.es
Wed Mar 28 16:00:03 EDT 2007



   When I was compiling a program with 2.4.7 version I got the following



c:\proyecto\galib\galib247\ga\gaarray.h(87) : error C2248: 'sz' : cannot
access protected member declared in class 'GAArray<float>'

        c:\proyecto\galib\galib247\ga\gaarray.h(79) : see declaration of

c:\proyecto\galib\galib245\projects\prueba_controlb\fundeper.cpp(268) : see
reference to function template instantiation 'int __cdecl operator ==(const
class GAArray<float> &,const class GAArray<float> &)' being compiled



  The line of header with errors is: “”””return a.equal(b,0,0,a.sz);“”””


  But If I change to this no problem: “””return a.equal(b,0,0,a.size());”””


  And I couldn’t understand the error, it’s a Visual C++ 6.0 mystery ?.


Thanks in advance

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