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On Sun 23 Dec 07, 11:25 AM, Somnath Bhattacharjee <sn.bhattacharjee at yahoo.co.in> said:
>    1.how can I print the best maximum value for the objective function.
Look at the members of the statistics class.  Might be something there.
Realize that "best" doesn't necessarily mean "max".  Also realize that the
objective function is not the same thing as the fitness.  I *think* you may
mean fitness here (although I could be wrong).

>    2. where the value is being returned from objective function?

At this line of code in your objective function:


>    3.how can I  add the values of two or three objective functions in an
>    another objective function and then print the maximum or minimum value of
>    that Obj function.  

Just define 2 or 3 functions that GALib doesn't know about:

   float objaux1( float x );
   float objaux2( float x );
   float objaux3( float x );

Then define your real objective function (the one that GALib knows about)

    float D1(GAGenome & c)
      GABin2DecGenome & genome = (GABin2DecGenome &)c;
      float value = 0.0F;
      float x1 = objaux1( genome.phenotype(0) );
      float x2 = objaux1( genome.phenotype(1) );
      float x3 = objaux1( genome.phenotype(2) );

      value = (do something with x1, x2, x3);


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