[galib] steady state documentation contradiction

Eyal eyaler at yahoo.com
Sat May 20 11:06:31 EDT 2006

The API documentation states that the steady state
algorithm favors high score members of the previous
generation over low-score offsprings: "Each generation
the algorithm creates a temporary population of
individuals, adds these to the previous population,
then removes the worst individuals in order to return
the population to its original size." and "Newly
generated offspring are added to the population, then
the worst individuals are destroyed (so the new
offspring may or may not make it into the population,
depending on whether they are better than the worst in
the population)." 
On the other hand the code documentation in
GASteadyStateGA.C states the opposite, i.e. that
low-score offsprings are preffered over high score
members of the previous generation: "we pick from the
current population and replace its members with the
new ones we create. We replace the worst members of
the preceeding population.  If a genome in the tmp
population is worse than one in the main population,
the genome in the main population will be replaced
regardless of its better score." and "Replace the
worst genomes in the main population with all of the
individuals we just created."
Which is correct?

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