[galib] About Genetic Algorithm & .arff files

SACHIN PHUNAGE sach25813 at yahoo.co.in
Sun May 14 10:46:54 EDT 2006

 Hi Friends,
                  I want help on how to handle the .arff files which are used by genetic software & programmer.Ther is a software GATree which uses these files as input and build a decision tree. I am working on project of Otimization tools of Data Mining using Genetic Algorithm.I am using GALib library which is available at http://lancet.mit.edu/ga/ in which i found an example "example 6"which is Grow a GATreeGenome using a SteadyStateGA. This example illustrates the use of specialized methods to override the default initialization method and to specialize the output from a tree. It also shows how to use templatized genome classes. Finally, it shows the use of the parameters object to set default values then allow these to be modified from the command line. The objective function in this example tries to grow the tree as large as possible.
   Now the problem is that i want to give these .arff files as input to this example to build decision tree. But do not know how to do that.
  So please help me to do this.

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