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Fri May 12 03:50:46 EDT 2006

Hello Friends,
                       I am final year student of Computer Engineering student from University of Pune. I am working on project "Optimizing Data Mining Tool Using Genetic Algorithm". I am using genetic library "GALib" freely available on internet.In that library i found the examples codes,out of the 26 example I found that Example 6 is only one that gives decision tree output.
                     Also on internet surfing for related information of Genetic Algorithm I found a software "GATree" at  http://www.gatree.com/ with free version.In that they used .arff files and using Genetic Algorithm breed a decision tree.In that software they have shown the window in right top corner showing the accuracy of test data & accuracy of train data. 
                     Now my problem is that i want to calculate error and accuracy of decision tree.Can anyone help me how the accuracy or error of Genetic Algorithm can be calculate or how that software has calculated that accuracy of train data & test data.
                                                                   SACHIN PHUNAGE
                                                                  ( B.E. COMPUTER,
                                                                  University of Pune. )
                                                                 sach25813 at yahoo.co.in    

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