[galib] Diploidy in galib.

aidelsbf@esiee.fr aidelsbf at esiee.fr
Thu Jun 8 12:12:32 EDT 2006


I'm working on an adaptation of galib to diploidy. I saw in the archives
that it has already be done (copy of the mails at the end of this
But the references given don't work anymore. Does someone knows where I
could get those files?

Thanks in advance,
Fabrice Aidelsberg.
MSc Student.

Liekens, A.M.L. A.M.L.Liekens at tue.nl
Wed Oct 29 22:30:23 EST 2003


I'm probably the guy you're looking for. I have co-evolutionary stuff in
my CVS, and will put it online as soon as I have some time for it. You can
access the contents of the CVS by issueing the following commands on a
UNIX terminal:

export CVSROOT=:pserver:anon at pc-04.bmt.tue.nl:/home/cvs
cvs login
cvs -z3 co dgalib

(press enter when the login asks for a passwd)

This will give you our modified GAlib (dgalib where d stands fro diploidy)
that supports diploidy and co-evolution. I'm not sure which examples in
the source tree actually work with our library, as it has been some time
since I've been working on it, and there's plenty of trial and error
examples in the current library. I bet the "Hillis" example in
dgalib/tests/hillis/experiment is an actual example of how we approached
coevolution in Galib (take a look at the main.cpp in that directory to see
how to work with our library).

I'll ask Anton (who wrote the library as an internship) for the

Similarly, we have been working on a mpi version of galib for running
galib on beowulf clusters. I will dump that into our CVS soon too, so
everyone who is interested in either diploid genetic algorithms,
coevolutionary genetic algorithms or parallel genetic algorithms could
work with us to make it a viable library (many people have been asking for
the mpi version, so maybe the time is there to launch it). Getting it to
run on our machines and our configs is not much of a problem, it would be
great to launch this extended version of GAlib as an open source project
in which all users of GAlib have the possibility to enhance our current,
but limited CVS versions. However, I need the time for this to get it
started. I would like to invite all GAlib users for their views on a
similar project, and if anyone is interested in helping us out making this
work, please let me know!


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Subject: [galib] coevolution extension in GALib

Hi, I'm looking for an extension of GALib that will support coevolution
algorithms.  Their was a similar question last year.  A person from the
Netherland answer to it and give a link to the extension.  Unfortunatly,
link is broken now and I cannot access to it.  Is anyone know how to
reach this
librarie or know a coevolution library in GALib?


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