[galib] Include ga.lib in vc++ .ne projects

Zhang, Pengchu pzhang at sandia.gov
Thu Sep 29 22:45:53 EDT 2005

I compiled all in \ga and \examples directories, although many warning, with ms vc++ on the command line:
>nmake \nologo \f makefile.vcpp
and got a ga.lib.
I am building a project with vc++6 .net that will use the ga.lib. The ga.lib is in the c:\lin\ga246\ga directory. I tried a couple of ways to input the ga.lib, for example, properties->linker->input->Additional Dependencies ga.lib.
When I have a test.h file that include the ga.lib, it does not compile and said it can't open the file.
Someone can give me suggestions. Thanks.
Plus: Rtdoger, would you send me the entire procedures for building the lib.
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