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Christian Samuel Perone christian_perone at yahoo.com.br
Fri Nov 4 07:44:14 EST 2005

Hello Rui, try calling something like this:

when you call bestIndividual with no parameter,
the default parameter assumes 0, that is the
best, so you can call with parameter "1" to get
the second best genome.


Hope this help you.

- Christian S. Perone

--- Rui Tavares <rmt at uninova.pt> escreveu:

> Hi,
> I'm having difficulties keeping/accessing the two
> best genomes. I'ld 
> like to access the present best and the previous
> best genomes.
> I've looked into GAStatistics, but only gives me the
> (one) best genome.
> Thanks in advance,
>     R. Santos Tavares
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