[galib] How to change MIN/MAX mapping values in a GABin2DecPhenotype

dario longo dario.longo at unito.it
Tue Jun 14 07:11:25 EDT 2005

dear galib users,I'm writing a program using GABin2DecGenome in which my genome is composed of 5 phenotypes to describe 5 float variables of my objective function. I've create the phenotypes with >map.add (number_of_bits, min_value, max_value)then I instantiate the genome, do ga.step and so on. After a n number of steps I  would to change the min_value and max_value of the second phenotype. In which way could I do it?I've tried with>map.min(1) = value;but I obtain the error: non-lvalue in assignement.I've tried also using pointers to min_value and max_value and to map.min and map.max,> float *pmin;> pmin = &min_value;> *pmin = new_min_value; but it doesn't work.Could anyone help me?thank you in advance,dario
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