[galib] Compiling GALib 2.4.6 with VC++.NET

Ing. Mónica R. Guajardo monica.guajardo at itesm.mx
Sun Feb 6 23:42:31 EST 2005

Hi to all,

I found the GALib very useful, and now I am trying to install the latest
version of the GALib on Visual Studio C++.Net 2003. I have an error message
and can´t get the version to compile. I show the steps I followed:

1.  I downloaded the ga.zip file and created a ga folder on my hard disk.
2.  I created a project named ga.lib and added the "source" and "header"
files from the ga.zip.
3.  I specified the following:
	a.	In gaconfig.h  I added the line #define NO_STREAMS
	b.         In the project properties dialog, c++/advanced/ calling
convention selected the _cdecl (/Gd)
	c.	In the project properties dialog, linker/input   and set the
Additional dependencies as:
	d. 	In the project properties dialog, linker/Input   and set the
Ingore Specific Library as:
	e.	In the project properties dialog, linker/General /
additional Library Directores place the file directory of the galib files I
4. When "building" my project, the following error message appears:

e:\Master\Myproy\GALib\galib246\ga\GATreeGenome.C(350): fatal error C1010:
unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive

Does anyone has any clue?  

Thanks for your help and comprenhension.


Ing. Mónica Raquel Guajardo
Tech of Monterrey
Email:  monica.guajardo at itesm.mx

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