[galib] PSO and galib

Willem willem.duminy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 06:29:38 EST 2005

Hi all,

I do not know galib at all -- but the plan is to use it to implement a
GA based solution soon.  However, before getting to the "standard GA"
part of my problem, I have to implement a PSO algorithm first, hence
my question.

"PSO shares many similarities with evolutionary computation techniques
such as Genetic Algorithms (GA). The system is initialized with a
population of random solutions and searches for optima by updating
generations. However, unlike GA, PSO has no evolution operators such
as crossover and mutation. In PSO, the potential solutions, called
particles, fly through the problem space by following the current
optimum particles."
(Quoted from: http://www.swarmintelligence.org)

Does it make sense to use galib to implement a Particle Swarm
Optimisation algorithm, or should I code it from scratch?

Thank you for your response,

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