R: [galib] release of galib 2.4.6

Parikkala parikkala at libero.it
Tue Feb 1 03:50:43 EST 2005

> galib version 2.4.6 is now available at http://lancet.mit.edu/ga/dist

> Wow, It's excellent Matthew. Thank you very much. ;)

I couldn't agree more! Just a smooth make in ga folder... 

I am using devcpp/mingw with gcc 3.4.2 for with 3.3.1 templates are not
treated properly. So for those of you who use devcpp rememember get all the
gcc 3.4.2 devpacks for webupdate!

What about that galib246pre2 devpack? It has disappeared! Maybe galib246
devpack is coming out?


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